This is the second in our series on winter decorating. Read our first, tartan-hued post here.

There are many images that embody winter, but a wood-burning fire must surely be among the first that people imagine. How lucky are those who can experience the hypnotic warmth and light of a real fireplace. While the enchantment is in that crackle and burst of flames, even unlit logs hold their own magic. Whether you have a real fire, a gas one, or none at all, wood logs are a seasonally appropriate way to infuse your home with the magic of the woods.

Throw a bunch of logs in a basket and… That’s it! They look very nice posed next to a fireplace, of course, but work equally as well under a side table, next to a couch, or filling an empty corner. Add a little sprig of evergreen and some twinkly lights for extra coziness.

We also like the option of tying them with leather belts! The two textures juxtapose well and look extra smart with white birch logs.

Frugal Tip:

If you’re struggling to find wood (and, no, we don’t suggest raiding your local forest) try Craigslist. Search for “free firewood.” If you don’t have a fireplace in which to burn the logs, put them right back on the free section when you’re done or donate them to a friend who is lucky enough to have a good old-fashioned fireplace. Maybe they’ll say “thanks” by inviting you in for roasted chestnuts and a hot toddy!


First Image:

Second Set (clockwise from left):

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