We are doing a series on winter decorating. 

Enjoy Part I: Plaid

We have not yet reached that frantic, frenzied, and festive month of December, but already Christmas decor seems to be appearing faster than Dasher, Donder, and Blitzen. Now this is not a “bah humbug” post, not at all! We are not one to turn away from a bit of mistletoe and some eggnog. Only sometimes we wish the holidays could be contained a bit. Maybe they don’t have to start just as the pumpkins are coming down. If you don’t feel like dusting Santa for weeks on end (or maybe you are celebrating a different holiday or nothing at all) we understand. You feel like infusing your home with a sense of the season, but just that: the season of winter. If so, curl up here for our series on winter decorating.


First up — plaid! There is almost no room that is not snugged up by a dash of it. It’s traditional, but varied enough to avoid being staid. Notice how you needn’t stick with bold tartans, either: a muted hue, reminiscent of the best Scottish moors, works beautifully.

How to use plaid in the home?

1. Don’t tax yourself: throw or fold a blanket over a chair or couch.

2. Why not try some drapes? These ones use a traditional tartan, the ancestral quality cut down here by their juxtaposition against the sheen of the bar trolley and its accompanying festive cheer.

3. Pillows. Expected, of course, but they are an opportunity to mix plaids, a decorating whim that can easily be changed if it’s not to your liking. Pillow covers are also a Frugal-approved option: we suggest picking up some remnants at your local fabric store, then searching YouTube for easy cushion cover patterns.

4. Finally, don’t forget plaid bedding! Another old-standby that can be mixed and matched as you desire.

For more plaid, ride your Shetland pony over to our “Plaid” page on Pinterest.

Image 1 http://goo.gl/MF7q0B

Set 1

1 http://goo.gl/xcofOo

2 http://goo.gl/jxDlcN

3 http://goo.gl/qXLvwt

4 http://goo.gl/vFQbFl

Set 2

1 http://goo.gl/Kyw4LX

2 http://goo.gl/todqr1

3 http://goo.gl/236APO

4 http://goo.gl/0umZwa

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