Our title is not entirely truthful: aside from a few garlands and a wreath or two, the only decorating done to these exteriors has been wrought by nature. You all loved our Facebook picture of the festive house seen above so much that we were inspired to collect a few more.

Wouldn’t you like to be greeted by the warm lights in all those windows?

No need for adding green and red here — brick and hedging do the trick.

How very New England!

Back to old England, where we would be tempted to risk getting caught in the snow if it meant some cozy tea in this house.

Do you recognize this house? It’s not a real one, but was constructed for The Holiday. It’s also one of our most popular Pins!

From humble cottages to grander estates, we could never resist the English manor home at Christmas.

No doubt a lot of dusting would be involved in this palatial pile, so perhaps its best to admire it from behind the gate.

White and black! How elegant and romantic.

We couldn’t help ourselves. We leave you with a full-blown castle.

For sources, please click each photo.

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