When you grow up with a librarian mother, it is perhaps inevitable that you will love books. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve sitting under a big tree on a summer’s afternoon with a fresh stack of Nancy Drew mysteries!

At the moment, my book collection feels rather scattered: piles of decorating books on coffee tables, rows of novels next to my bed, and stacks of magazines threatening to slide onto the floor.

I’m taking inspiration from these beautiful home libraries in the hope that they will induce me to create one for myself. Although there are those new library books that have to be read first…

Gentle and inviting, this space calls for Edith Wharton and Jane Austen on its shelves.

Libraries can be very square. I don’t mean they aren’t hip – they just contain a lot of right angles! This unique moon-shaped desk helps to break up those lines.

In truth, how many of us have rooms that can be set aside solely for our books? Make use of a hallway by adding shelves. Not only have you solved your book storage problems, but your hallway is suddenly a lot more exciting!

You can find more library inspiration on my Pinterest page.


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