How I wish I had a front porch! If I could order one made-to-measure I would insist on a deep porch with screens, swings, soft cushions, and tables to hold iced tea.

Porches seem the most languid of places. Here you can read, nap, or even spy on your neighbours. They seem a good place to entertain, too – no dusting required!

This sea-inspired porch reminds me of something you would find in Key West. I especially like

the long drapes at the far end. They’re a practical way to ensure shade and privacy.

This screened porch is nearly its own room of the house. Ferns are never out of place on a porch, as you will see below.

Here’s another example of a porch that is very much an extension of the house. That swing looks like a good place to put your feet up and talk to your best canine friend.

Pass me a mint julep! This porch invites easy conversation, or maybe just contemplation. Green ferns and neutral hydrangeas work so well against the crisp white furniture.

Another sucessful combination of dark wicker, white, and greenery. How fresh and elegant! This more sophisticated porch would do nicely for an afternoon lunch for your best-dressed friends.

I’m one part country, one part Shabby Chic, says this unfussy porch. An old wicker sofa, plump cushions, and flowers in glass bottles make for an easy and inviting porch.


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