Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant – Honoré de Balzac

I have been struck by a passion for all things Parisian this week! I think it has come from reading Parisian Chic by Inés de la Fressange (highly recommended). I feel a need for white pants and navy cardigans, croissants and good coffee.

While I’m at it, perhaps I should add in an apartment? I haven’t decided on the arrondissement yet, but I imagine high ceilings, white walls, and large windows.

Imagine stepping onto this petite balcony in the morning! It seems a perfect place to have a first cup of coffee whilst planning the day’s visit to the Louvre.

A bouquet of fleurs and a box of macarons from my secret French admirer

would be a romantic start to any day, don’t you think?

After visiting the Musée d’Orsay, one needs to sit down. Croissants are in order… And why not add a slice of clafoutis. French women never get fat, you know.

After the cafes, the museums and the shopping, how glorious to retire to this elegant bedroom! I believe I’ll read in bed — perhaps a little Peter Mayle to inspire a weekend visit to Provence — and have a small cup of cocoa to end my delicious day in Paris.

If you can’t join me in Paris, don’t forget Ernest Hemingway’s heartening words: “…Paris is a moveable feast.”

You can find more Parisian pleasures on my “France” Pinterest page.


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