Once upon a time there were two little girls. One had a big mane of strawberry blonde hair and liked nothing more than to curl up with her favourite books. The other was as mischievous as her short curly hair. Their mommy loved to encourage them to play, to use their imagination and create whatever their fancies came up with. She made special places for them to hide away and dream.

One hot summer day, the three of them came up with a splendid idea: they would escape to the woods at the back of their house and build a teepee! There they could stay cool and come up with lots of wonderful adventures. And so they found an old pink sheet, some paint in lots of glorious colours and some big brushes. The painted and designed, and then UP went their magical teepee!

They happily lived under it, kept company by their loyal Golden Retriever. In this special area, with the cool grass under them, they pretended they were Anna Pavlova, dancing to Swan Lake. They made little sculptures of stone and branches. And their mommy read them books, so many books.

These little girls grew up, but their imaginations never left them. They fully approve of an afternoon spent in such a wonderful place, but only if their mommy still comes too!

To discover more happy places for your child to dream away the afternoon, follow my Pinterest board, “Fun Spaces for Children.”



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