I’m not sure about you, but I’m tiring of winter. I saw the first bulbs popping up in my garden the other day and rejoiced at the sight!

Sometimes it seems easier to see the beauty of spring outside than it does inside our own homes. How much more pleasant it is to take a walk to see buds on the trees and feel a warm breeze than to tackle dust bunnies, piles of papers, and a general sense of staleness inside.

As much as I often agree with ridding ourselves of the stuff that is clogging our homes, I’m sure you’ve heard enough of that in this era of minimalism and life-changing tidying up.

Instead, let’s have some fun and just decorate! Yes, you can have a pile of things to purge, but really focus on what you love doing in your home: rearranging furniture, thinking of new paint colours, buying fresh flowers, indulging in some new purchases.

I think this positive framework of bringing “more” into your home – more beauty, more loveliness, more joy – might just lead you to the same end anyway: a clean and tidy nest that you long to return to.

In this spirit, here are some fresh and airy rooms that are inspiring me for spring!

P.S. I am indebted to one of my favourite blogs, How to be Chic, for this idea of more-ness. Brew yourself some tea and head over there for a thoughtful read.


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