There is, in truth, not much to be said for the weather today. It’s just rather grey. Perhaps you, like me, are thinking of colour to brighten up the day’s drab palette.

For many people, weaving colour into their homes can be a business fraught with anxiety. Instead of embracing new hues, we retreat to the tried and true. Sometimes, however, I think a bold dash of cranberry or pistachio can inject a much needed burst of energy and warmth into a room.

Here are my tips for an anxiety-free infusion of colour:

1. Use symmetry. If you’re afraid that throwing bold colour about will leave your room a bit too like a bohemian loft, offset this fear with structure. Notice that the rooms above are quite symmetrical: the pictures are hung traditionally and the mantles are weighted evenly, for instance.

2. Use a limited palette. When I encourage you to use colour, I don’t mean all the colours of the rainbow at once. Instead, restrain yourself to no more than three choices to one room.

3. Don’t paint. This goes against one of the most frequently repeated design maxims: paint is the cheapest and easiest way to change up a room! True, but not always. Painting is also a hassle and a decorating choice that you will probably have to live with for awhile. If you’re craving a colour change, reach for accessories that can easily be swapped out as your mood changes.

I’m off to try out some new plaid cushion covers! Until next time, send me your suggestions for brightening up a grey day.

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