Can you guess what my most popular “pin” has been on Pinterest over the last little while? Yes, it’s the gently simple children’s room you see above!

What do you think the second most popular pin has been? Just look below!

Do you think parents are looking for design inspiration for their children’s rooms, or are we simply attracted to the smallness and softness, the whimsey and wonder of a child’s room?

As with adults, I firmly believe that children need a room of their own, a place to express their burgeoning interests and aesthetic bents.

While it is tempting to design our children’s rooms for them, why not let them use their space as they wish (within reason, of course). I think you will be amazed at the choices they will make!

You (and your children) can find more bedroom inspiration on my Pinterest page.

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1. Flying House 2. Flying House 3. Nonotu

4. Flying House

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