“A woman,” said Virginia Woolf, “must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” While we can’t help you earn a quick dollar or write that languishing novel, we can help you with this part of Woolf’s admonition: “a room of her own.”

We heartily concur that any woman (or man) needs a room of their own, whether it be to write, think, or simply relax. A personal sanctuary is a place to be yourself without the intrusion of other people’s desires, opinions… Or style! Sometimes we don’t want to compromise on our surroundings. We want a space that reflects just us.

The last few years have seen the growth of “she sheds,” probably in reaction to the ubiquitous “man cave” (would someone please banish that phrase!). I have to say that I’m quite keen to have a shed myself. I’ve mapped out a little corner of my backyard that would be just perfect…

I imagine retreating from my cares (or perhaps just the next load of laundry) with a very hot mug of tea and a good book. There would be a polite, but firm sign on the door: “Please do not disturb.”

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